Health Care

babyWe have identified local physicians and midwives with a similar vision, with the necessary support staff, to operate this hospital to achieve this goal. Mission trips by health care staff from the USA will be encouraged, especially for concentrated periods offering more technologically challenging surgery. It is expected that a close working relationship with local midwives or general physicians, will allow our impact as a specialist service to reach beyond the immediate catchment area.

Patients are asked to pay for care utilizing a sliding scale fee, based on economic status (based on a questionnaire designed by Mohammed Yunus of Grameen Bank, Bangladesh), to help fund the Hospital and to supplement any  monies raised. This way, one can give some care on a charity basis, as well as see patients who can afford to pay for their care.

My exposure to health care models in rural and urban United States, as well as time spent volunteering in functional and efficient models in the Private sector in Ghana (Battor Catholic Hospital), convinced me of the feasibility of such a project.

Amelia Laing (Ofori) MB ChB, FACOG