The Hospital

IMG_8554A building for this effort was acquired and renovated in a busy part of Accra called Shiashie in East Legon. The non-profit Serving Women in Ghana (SWG) has raised funds in the USA and in Ghana, to support the Hospital – Obaatan Pa Women’s Hospital, in Ghana.

We have already received many donations of Hospital equipment and supplies from Medwish in Cleveland and CAMO chiefly, but also from local hospitals (Wooster Community Hospital & Aultman Orrville Hospital), for furnishing the Hospital, and multiple shipments have been sent to Accra. We are grateful for the kind support of our various donors.

The hospital has 8-10 in-patient beds, and provides outpatient clinic services during scheduled hours for preventive care, antenatal visits and gynecologic problem visits, and simple gynecologic procedures (e.g. outpatient conisation of the cervix for cervical pre-cancerous conditions ). In-patient care for obstetric patients, and gynecologic cases is provided on a 24 hour/7days/week basis. A functional operating room provides prompt operative delivery (Cesarean section) for obstetric patients when needed, and allow the performance of gynecologic surgeries, IMG_8556including minimally invasive surgery.  The high prevalence of fibroid tumors of the uterus in the Ghanaian female population, often leads to a need for myomectomies and  hysterectomies, and the evolution of minimally invasive approaches (operative hysteroscopy and laparoscopy), would help to minimize the recovery from surgery associated with this procedure. We are now fully open since July 2013 and have performed several major surgeries and normal obstetric deliveries. We are available to see patients for wellness visits (Pap smears, clinical breast exams, Blood pressure checks and ordering of age appropriate laboratory and radiologic tests), Gynecologic problems, and Obstetric care.